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Hi, I’m Sarika a colonic hydrotherapist with more than 10 years experience and I believe colonics have the power to refresh, restore and even reignite your inner wisdom. 


What is a colonic?

Negative emotions and a poor diet wreck havoc with digestion and this safe hour long hydrating treatment of your colon using warm water with probiotics to remove waste, has been used for millennia by famous ancients as a way to manage stress and purge the body of impurities. People often report feeling lighter, less bloated and more grounded after treatment.

More specifically it is an internal bath to help cleanse the colon (large intestine) of poisons, gas, accumulated faecal matter and mucus deposits. Sterilised equipment is used to flush filtered warm water through the colon to expel waste  and compacted deposits. Colonics were used in UK hospitals until relatively recently when the cost became uneconomical in face of strong purgatives used before bowel procedures.

Hippocrates connected the relationship between the gut and an individual’s overall health and wellbeing. A healthy and happy digestive system is so important in supporting busy modern lifestyles and while having a colonic can help alleviate existing gut issues, its greatest strength comes in preventing conditions affecting all systems of the body. This sound holistic treatment can really get to the root cause, beyond the mere symptomatic relief that is often the focus of Western medicine.



Why Choose Us

What to expect

We understand you may have many questions if this is your first time or if you are changing therapists.  Our service is very discreet and personalised and we take your health seriously. Sarika has more than 11 years experience solely doing colonics and has treated more than 10,000 clients, she has seen and heard it all and you can trust that all your questions (ncluding liver cleansing) will be answered by visiting out FAQ page, click below. If you need further clarity, do give us a call. 

The benefits of a colon cleanse


Prevent V Cure

Colonics can improve your skin and reduce the risk of bowel disorders and even improve your sleep and overall stamina. It’s always sound to stay healthy than to heal once unwell. 

Stress Relief

Stress as it relates to your colon can lead to IBS and constipation.  Trapped energy and fear gets stored in your gut hence the sinking feeling you get in your stomach when things go wrong. The cleanse will help flush away the backlog.


Sarika has a gentle approach to colonics, as the treatment flushes away waste backlog it can lead to feeling lighter, less bloated, more alert and better definition in your shape

Mind & Soul

At Clarity Wellbeing we wholeheartedly believe there is a mind body connection, but cleansing your system you are allowing your body to be a vessel for your soul to thrive. 


Your therapist


Clarity Wellbeing, formerly Clarity Colonics, began life in 2008 in the heart of Kensal Rise. Sarika discovered first hand the virtues of hydrotherapy to relieve health problems related to today’s fast-paced, throwaway, stress-prone culture.

While working at the NHS as a cancer care specialist between 2005-08, Sarika developed major bowel and skin problems, while the demands of her job made her put on a lot of weight and prone to fatigue. After reading up on colonic hydrotherapy, she received regular treatments and immediately noticed positive results. Her bowels were moving regularly, her skin felt cleaner and fresher, her energy levels were higher than ever before, and she lost plenty of weight. 

In addition to her treatments, Sarika read up on how a holistic attitude to health and life (healthy eating, being conscious of the food we eat, making small changes in our day-to-day habits and maintaining a healthy work-life balance) can improve one’s overall health. Even more important to Sarika is using holistic health in tandem with conventional medicine to improve the quality of one’s life.

Those moments, in her own words, were her “calling” to promote the benefits of colonic hydrotherapy and holistic health to people. And so, Clarity Colonics was born.

Today, Clarity Wellbeing is based inside the Taste of Chamberlayne health cafe, providing a range of healthy food, drinks and snacks to aid your treatment. Sarika has garnered a loyal client base, especially those keen on liver cleanses. Sarika is passionate about liver cleansing and will guide you through the entire process and can help with special supplements and precise diet advise.  At your initial consultation, you will fill out a confidential medical questionnaire before Sarika tailors your treatment and works to the needs of your body, she looks forward to welcoming you into the clinic.

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“Nunc consequat justo eget enim finibus porta. Suspendisse orci nunc, rutrum quis nunc sed, feugiat hendrerit massa. In cursus ornare sollicitudin.” Isabella Edwards Compbell

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