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Sarika was amazing!

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I've been a sceptic and never thought that a colonic could make a difference or help in any way, but oh was I wrong!! The first one, I have to admit made me feel a bit rough, but that was due to all the toxin released into my body. The second one that followed was on the other hand, marvellous!! I felt light and full of energy and absolutely fantastic after it. I have them regularly ever since. Sarika is very professional, discreet and knowledgeable, she explains everything and on top of all can give advice regarding nutrition and eating habits. I will continue gong to her clinic and I will continue recommending her to all my friends and acquaintances!

Excellent therapist in her field

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Sarika is an excellent therapist in her field. She is very positive, knowledgable and encouraging and will consider thoughtfully the best treatment for your requirements

Regular Customer

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I first went to see Sarika 3 years ago when I had a condition where there was simply treatment but no cure. The treatment consisted of taking a cocktail of 10 tablets 3 times a day to keep what was basically chronic cystitis under control. A friend of mine recommended Sarika as she thought a cause of the cystitis was a very acidic body, as you can imagine I was a bit apprehensive and scared of what the procedure entailed. My first treatment was difficult because I needed to go to the toilet several times during the treatment although the treatment itself was not unbearable. Sarika was so patient and understanding, My body was so toxic that it took 6 sessions for me to begin to notice a reduction in the cystitis pain. I decided to have a treatment once a month and very slowly the pain reduced and then disappeared. I came off all the medication and noticed that not only had the pain disappeared but my tummy was no longer bloated which pressed down on the bladder. My consultant was amazed that colon hydrotherapy could be a treatment for interstitial cystitis, and I can tell you it is. Part of what made the treatment worthwhile and impactful was Sarikas ability to listen to all of my whining and sadness I was feeling at the time. It really helped that she never rushed me or became impatient. And, as a psychologist, I know that emotional pain will always manifest in physical pain. I continue to have monthly colon hydrotherapy with Sarika because for me it has improved the quality of my life beyond recognition.

Clarity Wellbeing Review

5 5 1
I’ve now had three treatments with Sarika and I can confidently vouch for her professionalism, intuition and attentiveness. Colonic hydrotherapy is a very personal treatment that should be treated as such and at no point did I feel awkward or uncomfortable during the process. Sarika is a vibrant, friendly, chatty person who makes you feel at ease right away. She also refrains from speaking when necessary, allowing moments of reflection and concentration, and she is clearly very experienced in working with colonics – she knows what you need and will work with you according to your needs. Some of this information is gleaned from her questionnaire and the conversations you have with her, while other info is acquired through gut massage and simply using her intuitive capabilities gained from years of experience. The treatment itself obviously takes a little bit of getting used to, but I have found it to be calming, insightful and a great complementary practice alongside other health-conscious pursuits I am currently investigating. After each treatment I have felt lighter, cleansed and had a noticeable difference in my general temperament. Anyone who meditates will find the practice useful when being treated, though it is definitely not essential that you are able to meditate. Sarika’s clinic is intimate, clean and well looked after. So, overall pretty much faultless. I will definitely be going back as I am in the process of starting regular liver/gallbladder cleanses for which colonics are an essential ingredient. Beyond that I am sure I will continue to be a regular visitor to Sarika’s clinic. Highly recommended.

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