Services & Pricing

We offer one-off treatments and packages designed to navigate health concerns from liver cleanses to additional probiotics.

Single Treatments

Special offer this month: Single colonic with healing herbs £85
Returning clients £85

High strength probiotic (28 billion) £25
High strength probiotic and wheatgrass £35
Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will incur a £25 charge and 24 hours the full treatment fee. 

Sarika recommends doing a course of 3 treatments, this is truly the best way to detoxify the system thoroughly. It is a highly effective way to deeply cleanse and reset the gut.

The Liver Cleanse

 £265 now £185

  • 2 x colonics with healing herbs
  • 1 x probiotic implant


Detox Package 
 £355 now £265

  • 3 x colonics
  • Detoxifying herbs and high strenght probiotic implant (28 billion)