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Client Appreciation

Feel free to leave your own review here by completing a brief form. With gratitude. 

  • I’ve been a skeptic and never thought that a colonic could make a difference or help in any way, but oh was I wrong!! The first one, I have to admit made me feel a bit rough, but that was due to all the toxins released into my body. The second one that followed was marvellous!! I felt light and full of energy and absolutely fantastic after it. I have them regularly ever since. Sarika is very professional, discreet and knowledgeable, she explains everything and on top of all can give advice regarding nutrition and eating habits. I will continue going to her clinic and I will continue recommending her to all my friends and acquaintances!

  • I’ve now had three treatments with Sarika and I can confidently vouch for her professionalism, intuition and attentiveness. Colonic hydrotherapy is a very personal treatment and at no point did I feel awkward or uncomfortable during the process. Sarika is a vibrant, friendly, chatty person who makes you feel at ease right away. She also refrains from speaking when necessary, allowing moments of reflection and concentration, and she is clearly very experienced in working with colonics. Some of this information is gleaned from her questionnaire and the conversations you have with her, while other info is acquired through gut massage and simply using her intuitive capabilities gained from years of experience. The treatment itself obviously takes a little bit of getting used to, but I have found it to be calming, insightful and after each treatment I have felt lighter, cleansed and had a noticeable difference in my general temperament. I will definitely be going back as I am in the process of starting regular liver/gallbladder cleanses. Highly recommended.

  • I truly have had the best experience working with Sarika.  I could instantly tell that she was very knowledgeable and we spoke about my health and she provided in-depth detail about my options. My main goal was to clear my skin from acne and the avoidance of going on a strong pharmaceutical drug; Roaccutane. Sarika was great at looking holistically at my options and we progressed from the hydrotherapy to a liver cleanse. Sarika continues to provide me with great methods of healing and I am so happy to have met her and will continue to see her for healing sessions. Best experience ever! Thank you again, can not recommend you enough! X

  • Amazing service and really makes me feel comfortable and valued. The treatment is brilliant and my body loves it. Will always be a repeat customer and highly recommend. Very clean and tidy also.

    Nabila Raji
  • Incredible process. Amazingly guided through by Sarika. I have done a lot of work on myself though this cleanse has reached places that I just wasn’t able to. 10 stars from me!

    Dominic Hamill
  • Really professional and personal. Beautiful atmosphere.

    Brooke Gordon
  • Absolutely amazing. Sarika is so lovely and really intuitive. Room is amazing. Such a calming atmosphere. Very new to this process. Sarika and colonics have made a huge difference. Thank you!

    Karen Wright
  • I had 4 liver cleansing with Sarika and it’s always been high standard service. It’s very beneficial for my health and definitely not going to stop here. I already clean from hives and hopefully asthma is next (which already is much better) I would highly recommend this.

    Viktoriya Elsayed
  • Amazing service. Clean and aesthetically pleasing environment. Highly recommended for those new to colonic hydrotherapy and those quite adversed to the process.

    Marisa Bailey
  • Fantastic service and results keeps me coming back. Really helpful and qualified to give much needed advice.

    Tracey Morgan
  • This therapy has changed my life. I feel so good with myself and body. Thank you so much!

    Shephatiah Nabena
  • I was made to feel relaxed and at home. Very lovely calming atmosphere . Will definitely come again.

    Faye Grant

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