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Stress Relief therapy

Stress Relief therapy london

Stress Relief Therapy For Regaining Peace and Harmony

It often comes as a pleasant surprise to our clients how much more relaxed they are following colon hydrotherapy at Clarity Wellbeing. It could all be a big coincidence of course, but it happens too often for us to feel that’s the case!

Human beings have evolved to have a stress response, and this has been not only useful but necessary for our survival. The world around has changed so much, as have the threats we face –

physical ones largely replaced by the psychological. The body’s response (fight/flight) to stressors was only ever meant to be used in short bursts. Adrenaline and cortisol (stress hormones) are harmful to the whole mind-body system in the longer term, particularly the latter (impacting the immune system as well as healing/repair).

Stress is a highly subjective experience

what causes overwhelming stress for one person may have little or no effect on another. Symptoms therefore vary a lot too but can include anxiety, depression, insomnia (despite feeling tired or even exhausted mentally or physically), inability to experience joy, irritability and poor immunity resulting in frequent coughs and colds. These symptoms not only cause us to suffer, but can impact those around us too (friends, family, colleagues) –

sound familiar? Stress is something we all experience at one time or another, isn’t it nice to know that our therapists know how it feels and come from a position of non-judgement?

Traditionally it may have been difficult to see a link between Colon Hydrotherapy and stress management/reduction. With the results we notice, however, it may be that treatment may offer a ‘reset switch’ for the body, reducing the load on a congested digestive system. This can help build resilience and free up energy for the whole mind-body system to deal with the challenges of life. If the mind affects the body (stress is known to be a cause of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)), then why not the other way around? After all, a colonic will help the body to detox from the waste products of a prolonged stress response. Greater digestive functioning can free up energy for more fun activities! Also the very act of taking time out for oneself in the comfort and peace of a Clarity Wellbeing treatment room can kick-start a process of reflective thinking about one’s lifestyle and changes that would be beneficial.

At Clarity Wellbeing we firmly believe that, far from being passive victims, we all have the power to take ownership of our lives and that stress is a treatable condition.


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