Colonic Irrigation Liver Support

June 2, 2024

The secret to the liver health revolution could lie in colonic irrigation.

While most of us already know that the liver serves as a blood filter, some of us are surprised to learn that the liver has over 500 other uses. To mention just a few of its many functions, it also stores nutrients, makes bile and other proteins, recycles hemoglobin, converts glucose into energy later on, eliminates dead red blood cells, and produces heparin to stop blood clots in the capillaries.

Our liver cannot carry out all of its other duties to the full extent for which it was intended while it is occupied with the task of removing poisons from the blood. The issue of toxicity in the blood is difficult to resolve since many people require a lot more education in this area to fully comprehend the impact of the foods we eat on our body.

colonic irrigation liver cleanse

By using colonic irrigation, pathogenic bacteria and fungi are removed from the colon. However, it might also be beneficial if you’re attempting to live a better, more joyful life. When dieting and attempting to lose weight, colonic irrigation combined with a herbal implant that stimulates the liver and gall bladder is also effective. However, this should never be the primary motivator for selecting colon cleansing as a planned liver and gall bladder detoxification regimen. The procedure consists of a preliminary colonic irrigation followed by an initial consultation. We’ll examine the information your body stored during this procedure. In addition, we will go over your options with you to determine which strategy will work best for your physique.