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Liver Cleanse Diet Plan and FAQ

Dietary recommendations during your Liver Cleanse:

During entire week, avoid chilled or cold foods and beverages. They chill the liver, reducing the effectiveness of the liver cleanses. All foods should be at least room temperature. Avoid foods from animal sources, dairy products, fried foods, and refined sugars.

Avoid processed/refined foods

This includes sugary treats and sugar substitutes. Avoid alcohol and opt for fresh fruits and vegetables instead of canned ones. Choose organic produce whenever possible to minimize exposure to pesticides. Avoid overeating or rushing through meals. Additionally, strive to minimise stress as much as possible. Find calm with a meditation practice of your choice.

Include healthy foods

Include foods rich in soluble and insoluble fibre to aid in toxin elimination. Incorporate plenty of detoxifying vegetables such as beans, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, lentils, pak choi, radish and turnip. Consume foods containing natural enzymes to ease digestion and reduce the strain on your liver, such as fresh herbs like caraway, dill, milk thistle (known for its numerous health benefits), rosemary, and turmeric. Integrate bitter, leafy greens like arugula, endive, and mustard greens to support detoxification. Whenever possible, prioritise organic food options.

Incorporate Green Juices

Green juices are an exceptional way to infuse your body with a potent dose of nutrients and antioxidants. Packed with leafy greens like kale, spinach, and celery, they provide a multitude of health benefits, from boosting energy levels to supporting detoxification processes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

During my liver cleanse I’ve been getting bloating and diarrhoea – is this normal?

Yes, some people may experience one or both of these during the first few days. Such symptoms will settle down and diarrhoea is just the result of the gall bladder and liver releasing stagnant bile.

What function(s) do the apple juice and Epsom salts have?

The malic acid in the apple juice softens any stones you have in your liver & gall bladder. The magnesium contained in the Epsom salts keep the bile duct valves open and relaxed. Collectively the 2 allows for easier passing of stones.

Should I change my eating habits during my liver cleanse?

That depends on what your normal eating pattern looks like! To minimise the load on your liver, a normal healthy diet is recommended so if you don’t eat healthily already then make the switch. Don’t cut any corners, the whole process takes just over a week and could turn out to be one of the most beneficial things you can do for your physical, mental, emotional, immunological and spiritual health. As a result of the liver cleanse you may find yourself naturally wanting to eat more healthily, but without forcing yourself to do so.

How and when should I drink the apple juice?

Drink it slowly throughout the day, between meals (avoid drinking it just before, during and within 2 hours after a meal & in the evening).

I don’t like the taste of Epsom salts, what can I do?

Some people use a straw (to bypass the taste buds), or you may wish to have a few sips of water afterwards. Alternatively you could add some lemon juice to improve the taste.

I don’t like the taste of pink grapefruit, what can I use instead?

You can use lemon or orange.
What to expect

“No two livers are the same so everyone will have a different experience of their liver cleanse. Also the same person is unlikely to have exactly the same experiences each time.“

There are many accounts on-line but I’d recommend not checking them out too much – it may be beneficial not to have too many expectations or (later) compare your experience with that of others. What you release will depend on the contents of your liver (based on lifestyle, genetics, emotional state and maybe even past lives!), as well as how well you follow the instructions here. Some people will pass stones, but this won’t happen in all cases. Others will experience a range of emotions (particularly if you were conditioned to suppress your emotions and not speak your truth), and feel unusually sensitive. This can happen even before the cleanse itself (as toxins start to get released) or in the days following the liver cleanse. Whatever you’re experiencing, the important thing to remember is that it won’t last – just be prepared to ride out the storm and you’ll be feeling fine (actually much better than ‘fine’) in a few days.

In the case of my first cleanse I found the first few days quite challenging (it made me realise that my normal diet isn’t one that’s likely to make my liver smile) but got into my rhythm after that. I was quite a regular visitor to the toilet during the night of day 6 (after drinking the grapefruit juice and olive oil mix) and the morning of day 7. By lunchtime on day 7 I felt well enough to go for a gentle walk in the park, although I did feel like I’d undergone some kind of surgery. In hindsight I should have taken things easier in the days that followed (I went back to work (a physical occupation) on day 8 (a Monday)) and felt quite tired as a result. I also experienced some negative emotions (including anger and depression) in the days that followed, but these disappeared immediately after my follow up colonic. This experience impressed upon me the importance of this second colonic, as well as the need to keep drinking a good amount of water to flush everything out. In hindsight I believe having the second colonic on day 8 or 9 (rather than day 10) would have allowed me to release these negative emotions quicker from my body.

Overall I found my first liver cleanse a very positive experience, and I would recommend it to anyone who’s serious about becoming healthier, happier and more productive. I felt lighter, more energetic, my eyes looked brighter and I had greater focus and clarity. Also I noticed that I was engaging in healthier lifestyle choices – this came very naturally, without having to exert any kind of willpower. It just felt like I had become more sensitive to what I was putting my body, and unhealthy foods just didn’t seem to have the same appeal. I’m sure if my liver could speak it would be saying a big thank you as well as encouraging me not to go back to my old ways! For optimal benefits, the liver cleanse is not seen as a ‘one off’ but to be repeated several times a year (and maybe for life). Personally I didn’t pass any stones on my first cleanse but understand this may happen in future.” – Sarika

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