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As a holistic practice focusing primarily on digestive health, Clarity Wellbeing recommends Symprove, a pioneering water-based probiotic, “a little shot of gut genius”, which is dairy and gluten-free and is delivered straight to your door.

Sarika Patel, who owns Clarity Wellbeing, has been taking Symprove for seven years. She started taking it on a recommendation of someone who suffered from painful IBS, and noticed alleviation of their symptoms within a week.

Having introduced Symprove to her daily routine, Sarika noticed within a month that she had

  • Fewer and shorter mood swings
  • More energy
  • Less bloating
  • Better quality bowel movements.

She started recommending Symprove to her clients, and now over 100, and probably closer to 200 of her clients have come back to her saying that they too, feel the benefits of taking a daily shot of Symprove goodness.

What’s the advantage of purchasing Symprove using this link? As Sarika’s client or guest, you can take advantage of the introductory 50% discount for the first three months’ supply. Within three months, 94% of customers taking a shot of Symprove of any flavour (Sarika prefers Original) feel the difference.

How to make sure you get the right discount:

Click Purchase Now and you will be redirected to the sign-on page

On the sign-on page, click on Subscribe Now, and on the next page, input the code SARIKA50 in the referral field: