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Liver Cleanse Programme – 6 Days

Our signature Andreas Moritz Liver Cleanse Programme, inspired by the teachings of Andreas is a natural method aimed at detoxifying and revitalising the liver. We highly recommend you read his book ‘The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush’ (available also as an e-book) which explains the how and why of this protocol.

… If you cannot clean out the colon, I recommend you don’t do the liver flush. That is how important it is to cleanse the colon before and after each liver flush”. –Andreas Moritz

Important: It is highly beneficial to do a colonic first before starting any detox. It is recommended that those who are doing a liver cleanse for the first time, that you initially book a Single Treatment. This includes a consultation and will enable our qualified therapist to guide you to the correct method for the liver cleanse.

Step 1 – Book A Colonic
  • Make a date in the diary when you can have complete rest (mental as well as physical), this will be day 7 of your cleanse. Also make sure you don’t have anything planned from 5pm on yourday 6.
  • Book a session with Clarity Wellbeing a day beforehand (day 6) at a time that will give you plenty of opportunity to be home by 5pm. You can also have the appointment a day earlier (i.e. day 5) – in which case it can be any time of the day.
  • Book a second colonic hydrotherapy session on day 8 (day 9 or 10 would also be OK).
  • Purchase all the items you need for the cleanse (see ‘what you will need’ below)
For example:
  • I booked my colonic for 3pm on a Friday, allowing Saturday and Sunday to be a day of rest. I then started the preparation for the liver cleanse on the Monday (so Monday became day 1 of my cleanse). I booked my second colonic for the Friday (day 5 of the cleanse).
  • The follow up colonic was booked for the morning of day 10 of the liver cleanse.
What you will need:
For days 1-6

6x 1 litre (32oz) cartons of apple juice – to soften any gall stones so they can be passed easier. Organic is best, but any decent brand is OK.

For day 6
  • Grapefruits (2 large ones will be sufficient, pink are best), to be freshly squeezed
  • Epsom salts (500g will be plenty – 4 tablespoons)
  • Filtered/mineral water (700ml to be mixed with epsom salts to make 4x 175ml portions)
  • Cold-pressed virgin olive oil
  • Measuring jug
  • 2x pint jars (1 with a lid)
  • Malic Acid in powder form, 2 teaspoons in 32 to 48 ounces (1 - 1.5 litres) of water per day (instead of apple juice)
  • Oranges and lemons (instead of grapefruits)
  • Magnesium citrate (instead of Epsom salts)
  • An alternative to apple juice is apple cider vinegar: mix 1 to 2 tablespoons in a glass or water and drink 4 servings per day, for 6 days.
Water consumption during your cleanse:
  • It is important to stay well hydrated throughout the process (2L a day minimum), using water at room temperature (cold or chilled water (or foods) chill the liver and make the process less effective). This should ideally be filtered or mineral water.
  • Avoid drinking water 30 minutes before and after drinking any of your 4 Epsom salt mixes. Similarly avoid drinking any water for 2 hours after taking the juice/oil mixture.


At Clarity Wellbeing, we've implemented a hydrogen-rich water ionizer crafted to purify tap water from impurities. Our top-tier filters match the quality of those utilised in kidney dialysis machines.

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The Liver Cleanse Programme: 6 Day Liver Cleanse

Items Needed:
  • 6 1-litre (32 oz.) containers of apple juice
  • 4 tbsp food grade Epsom salts (500g)
  • ½ cup (120ml or 4 oz.) of cold-pressed, virgin olive oil
  • ⅔ glass (2 large ones) of fresh grapefruit juice (pink is best), or fresh lemon and orange combined
  • To substitute apple juice with Malic Acid: use Malic Acid in powder form, 2 teaspoons in 32 to 48 ounces (1 - 1.5 litres) of water per day

Diet: Avoid foods from animal sources, fried foods and dairy. Avoid cold food, have warm or at least room temperature meals.

Bare in mind: Give yourself plenty of restpeace and quiet, especially on Day 6. You may also experience emotions coming up to be released, acknowledge them and be gentle with yourself.

  • Day 1 Monday - Drink 1 litre of apple juice slowly throughout the day. 6-8 glasses of water
  • Day 2 Tuesday - Drink 1 litre of apple juice slowly throughout the day. 6-8 glasses of water
  • Day 3 Wednesday - Drink 1 litre of apple juice slowly throughout the day. 6-8 glasses of water
  • Day 4 Thursday - Drink 1 litre of apple juice slowly throughout the day. 6-8 glasses of water
  • Day 5 Friday - Drink 1 litre of apple juice slowly throughout the day. 6-8 glasses of water
  • Day 6 SaturdayDetox Day Drink 1-litre (32oz) apple juice in the morning. Light breakfast, porridge. Lunch – plain rice, steamed veg, fruit. No food after 1.30pm – just water

Colon Cleanse Session (E.G. At 3pm)

  • 6.00pm Add 4 tablespoons of epsom salt in 700ml (24 oz) filtered water. This makes 4x servings, drink the first serving (175ml)
  • 8.00pm drink 2nd serving of the Epsom salts/water mix (so there will be 2 servings left for the morning).
  • 9.45pm squeeze pink grapefruit to make 175ml (6oz) of juice, – to this add 116ml (4oz) of olive oil into a pint jar and shake the mixture for a few minutes.
  • 10.00pm - Drink this mixture in one go (with no interruptions). Do not drink water after this.

Lie down immediately and lie perfectly still for about 20 minutes and don’t speak. Put attention to your liver.

Day 7 Sunday

6.00am-6.30am After 6.00 drink the 3rd glass of Epsom salt. Drink a glass of warm water if thirsty before salt drink

8.00am-8.30am – drink 4th and last glass of Epsom salt 10.00am-10.30am Drink freshly squeezed fruit juice. Eat one or two pieces of fruit a half hour later. 1 hour later eat light normal food.

Even if you only have 5 or 10 stones remaining in the colon after having done a liver and gallbladder flush make sure that within 2 or 3 days (of the flush) you have a colon cleanse” - Andreas Moritz


Book your second colonic hydrotherapy session to ensure that you flush out all the stones on day 8 (day 9 or 10 would also be OK).

Step 2 - Book your Liver Cleanse Treatment

Following three liver cleanses, Andreas Moritz suggests performing a kidney cleanse to alleviate pressure on the kidneys and eliminate any kidney stones.

For more information about The Liver Cleanse Programme, feel free to contact Clarity Wellbeing on 07782 200 112 or email: info@claritywellbeing.co.uk

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* The contents of this blog are intended for educational purposes only. The information presented here is not a substitute for proper medical attention, diagnosis, or treatment by a qualified healthcare professional. Always seek the advice of your healthcare provider before starting or making any changes to an existing treatment plan, exercise program or dietary regimen, and before using nutritional supplements.