Gut Microbiome Testing London

About Gut Microbiome
Our gut microbiome is a diverse community of microorganisms of which includes bacteria, fungi, viruses, pathogens and food particles, all of which inhabit our gastrointestinal tract. These microorganisms play a crucial role in various physiological processes, including digestion, metabolism, protection against pathogens as well as hormone, immune and energy regulation.Our gut microbiome can be influenced by many factors such as diet, genetics, lifestyle and our environmental exposures. Understanding how we as humans can achieve microbiome balance can contribute towards our overall health and wellbeing and longevity.
Do you suffer from Digestive Issues?
Addressing our microbiome imbalances can help reduce associated health conditions such as gut dysbiosis , IBS*, metabolic disorders, autoimmune diseases, food sensitivities, and even mental health disorders.
What does the research tell us? 
 Following a personalised microbiome rebalancing diet guide can help coach you through naturally rebalancing your gut microbiome. Following these protocols can aid symptomatic improvements within just 6 weeks. Published papers using our gut microbiome test saw the below improvements:
  • 83% improvement in constipation symptoms**
  • 82% average improvement in IBS symptoms***
  • On average patients lost 7.2KG of weight loss
  • 63% increase in energy levels
  • 42% improvement in sleep disorders
  • 18% improvement in overall microbiome diversity
What does the testing involve?
Our Microbiome test is an easy to do home to laboratory testing service, where the kit is shipped directly to your home and you conduct the testing in the comfort of your own home. The test is a simple at home stool swab where the sample is collected using toilet roll. Easy right?
Highlights include:
  • Simple at home stool sample swab
  • Register your kit online
  • Complete a simple 3 minute health quiz online
  • Post in any UK red letter box with the supplied Pre paid return envelope
Check out our instructions video below:
What happens to my sample?
Once your sample has arrived, you will be informed via email that your sample has arrived safe in our UK distribution centre. From there the sample is shipped to our laboratory in Austria for analysis.
Our Laboratory Commitment- Your Sample Is In Safe Hands
  • Proud partnership with YourGutMap, a trusted laboratory service in gut health analysis
  • ISO 17025 and 9001 accredited laboratory, ensuring standardisation of testing protocolS and rigorous quality controls
  • CE Marked testing kits
  • 3-4 weeks turnaround time from the date of receipt in the laboratory
What do I get?
Your stool sample will be analysed against thousands of bacteria, both good and bad. Using YourGutMap's AI Powered Health Reporting Software, we are able to provide detailed insights into how your personal microbiome profile could be affecting your health, giving insights into:
  • Gut Microbiome Age vs Chronological Age
  • Microbiome Diversity Score
  • Assessment of Important Bacterias for Gut Health
  • Prevalence to 30+ health conditions including Celiac, Fungi Overgrowth and SIBO
  • Taxonomic Analysis
  • Metabolic Score
  • Macronutrient Metabolism
  • Vitamin Synthesis Analysis
  • Prevalence to Lactose and Gluten Sensitivity
  • Sugar and Processed Food Index
  • Bowel Mobility for the proneness to constipation and diarrhoea
  • Antibiotic Damage
  • Risk to Autoimmune Disease
  • Sleep Quality
We will also provide a more personalised approach to nutrition in the form of food recommendations for 300 food and drinks. All foods and drinks have different qualities that affect your microbiome (good and bad). Your Personal Diet Guide allows you to naturally rebalance and optimise your microbiome by making simple adjustments to your diet. Your will be advised by a simple red, amber and blue scheme as to:
  • What foods to consume to help replenish the microbiome
  • What foods to avoid to help starve the gut of bad bacteria