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Meet Sarika

Meet Sarika

Meet Sarika

Sarika, Member of ARCH (Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists)
– BSc (hons) Radiography Therapeutic
– Diploma in Colon Hydrotherapy
– Graduate of The Peruvian Medicine Wheel

Clarity Wellbeing (formerly Clarity Colonics) began in 2008 in the heart of Kensal Rise, NW London. Sarika discovered first-hand the virtues of hydrotherapy to relieve health problems related to today’s fast-paced, throwaway, stress-prone culture.

While working for the NHS as a therapeutic radiographer in oncology, Sarika developed major bowel, skin, health and emotional problems. The demands of her job made her gain weight and she was constantly fatigued and depressed. After researching colon hydrotherapy, she received regular treatments and immediately noticed positive results. Her bowels were moving regularly, her skin healed, she felt happier, the weight fell off and her energy levels skyrocketed!

In addition to her treatments, Sarika took a more holistic approach to her health after completing a living foods lifestyle and total wellbeing education with the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Puerto Rico. This gave her a healthier, more mindful skillset towards eating and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. It was at this point she visited the Amazon Jungle numerous times to work with the elders of indigenous tribes and to understand the power of the plant medicines. During this period in Sarika’s life she discovered the true mind, body and soul connection, not just to herself but to others. Sarika wholeheartedly stands by the power of using holistic health to improve the quality of one’s life and the connection to one’s spirit.

Sarika has garnered a loyal client base, especially those keen on liver cleanses (the Andreas Moritz method in particular). Sarika is passionate about liver cleansing, she will guide you through the entire process and can help with special supplements and precise diet advise.  You’ll fill out a confidential medical questionnaire before Sarika tailors your treatment and works to the needs of your body. Having fully experienced the life-changing benefits of colon hydrotherapy and liver cleansing for herself, she feels truly blessed to be following her passion and really looks forward to welcoming you to the clinic.

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