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Hydrogen / Tyent Water Ioniser

About Tyent Water

They say that water is the source of life but are you paying enough attention to the quality and purity of the water that you consume?

Tyent is leading the water ionization industry by innovation and transparency. We take great pride in helping consumers convert tap water into safe drinking water that is also an excellent source of antioxidants, energy, and so much more. This customised, multi-stage system is designed to cleanse your tap water of impurities. These high-quality filters are equal to those found in kidney dialysis machines.

The most advanced counter top water system in the world!

There is no other Alkaline Water Ionizer on the market that performs like this one…. a winner!


Tyent water is amazingly beneficial and you can select 9 different types of water!

Cleanest Water

“Ultra Plus” filtration ensures the cleanest, healthiest and safest alkaline water in the world.

Ultimate Quality

Industry leading metal plates for ultimate quality. A lot of other machines do not use metal.

Second To None

Tyent water is the industries highest quality ionized water that other strive to match.

Save Money!

The water costs so much less and carries the highest health benefits in a competitive market.

No Chemicals

Select ACID 3 setting and you can clean your home or office without cleaning chemicals!

Check out an introduction video below:
The Science Of Hydrogen Water - What does the research tell us?

Water is H2O – literally two hydrogen atoms for each oxygen atom. ‘Ordinary’ water has an equal number of OH- ions (hydroxyl ions) and H+ ions (hydrogen ions). Alkaline water is water with more OHions than H+ ions. In other words, alkaline water has far more oxygen atoms than regular water!

Source water contains an equal number of hydroxyl (OH) ions and hydrogen (H+) ions. Alkaline water contains more OH-ions than H+ ions, providing far more oxygen atoms than regular water.

Benefits of Drinking Ionized, Hydrogen-rich Water

Molecular hydrogen (H2) is known to protect cells and tissues from oxidative damage by reducing reactive oxygen species.

  • Pure, clean water
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Removes Pesticides
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Rectifies DNA Damage
  • Bloating Relief
  • Increases Energy
  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Faster Recovery
  • Radiant Skin
  • Better Quality Sleep
  • And More...
Check out he Tomato Test video below:

What people are saying about the Tyent Water Ioniser

Amazing Health Challenges

"My daughter suffered from bad ache and my children, in general, did not like to drink water. However, ever since the machine was installed, her acne has cleared up and loves drinking Tyent Water."

Jenny Bakken

Endless Benefits

"The benefits seem endless... We are immensely grateful we learned of the Tyent ionizers, and realised that this is a priceless investment in our health. It is simple to use but does so much for water!"

Jenny Mendyka

Healthy Water Choices

"I have played professional sports and coached professional sports and we have been singing the praises of Tyent alkaline water for about nine years...
Wouldn't drink anything else."

Tommy House

Watch Tyent Testimonial video below:

Tyent Water is an investment in your family's long-term wellbeing and with each Ioniser coming with a lifetime warranty; the question is can you really afford not to get one?

Find out more about the Tyent Water Ioniser or to install this into your home or workplace, feel free to contact Clarity Wellbeing on 07782 200 112 or email: info@claritywellbeing.co.uk

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