What Is A Liver Cleanse?

December 24, 2023

Your liver, one of the largest organs in your body and responsible for over 500 functions, is the essential filtration system that breaks down harmful substances in your blood as well as processing key nutrients. As with any essential filtration system, it only has so much capacity and the more toxins that go into your body, the more likely it will get clogged up and work less efficiently.

Doing a cleanse will help flush out your system by helping to remove excess toxins that have built up while at the same time reducing the liver’s workload for a period to help it recover.

The specific steps of a liver cleanse are designed to first lighten the workload, often through a change of diet for a short period, and then gradually introduce nutrient-rich fluids into your system to help break down the build-up of bile and toxins in your liver. By passing these fluids through your liver, you are not only helping to flush out the build up of bile, but you’re also giving your liver a break from the hard work of dealing with the damaging toxins in everyday diets from things like too much alcohol or unhealthy foods.

To regain a natural state of health, we can do a liver cleanse and an emotional cleanse at the same time. As we cleanse physical toxins from the body, we also begin to release any suppressed emotional toxins like fear, stress, sadness, loneliness, and anxiety.

Your liver is one of the most powerful organs in your body and it’s incredible how much it can repair itself and recover with just a few days respite from the unhealthy workload of many modern diets. A course of colonics towards the end of your cleanse will then help to remove excess bile and stones that have been cleared out of your liver into the lower parts of your digestive system.

No two livers are the same and therefore the experience and outcomes of a liver cleanse can vary. However, there’s no doubt that the process can have holistically positive effects. If your liver could talk, it would probably be beaming with gratitude from its reduced workload!
So how about showing your liver some love today and committing to a liver cleanse!