When It Comes To Allergy Protection, Trust Your Gut

December 24, 2023

The summer is upon us and for many this means having to manage and control allergies. The increase of allergens in the air all too often means an equal increase in doctor visits and stocking up on over-the-counter drugs. But there’s so much more you can do to break the cycle of allergy suffering.

As you may already know, your digestive system makes up around 70% of your immune system. What that means is that your gut, and it’s overall health, is arguably the primary line of defence your body has against the onslaught of seasonal allergens. So, instead of relying on synthetic drugs to treat the symptoms of allergies, caring for your gut can have a far greater and more holistically sustainable effect. How is this possible? It’s all in the way that the digestive tract protects your system from the outside world.

Allergic response – a gut reaction

Food digestion, fighting illness & processing waste are the main roles of your gut. Your body is constantly producing microbes and bacteria to perform all of these functions and at the same time maintain a protective barrier along the digestive tract. This prevents harmful allergens from being absorbed into your system. And as long as this barrier is complete and strong, allergens aren’t really an issue.

The problem comes when your system is overwhelmed by everything it’s processing and this exposes weaknesses. Instead of allergens being processed at gut level, they find their way in and end up being fought off by other parts of your immune system, this is what leads to those frustrating and sometimes debilitating symptoms; sore throats, itchy eyes and sneezing fits. Your system is still dealing with them, only not in the way that it should be. It’s caught in a sub-optimal cycle.

Want to optimise your system? Then it’s time for a reset

At the end of the day, there’s nothing better at protecting your body than the natural processes that are hard-wired into your system. But sometimes those processes need a little help to work as well as they possibly can. For your digestive system, it’s been proven time and again how effective regular colonic treatments are at flushing out the build up of toxins and bad bacteria to optimise gut function.

Those of us who suffer from allergies haven’t lost the ability to build up a strong protective barrier to guard against allergens, it’s just that sometimes things build up so much that your gut is overwhelmed. You no doubt know what it feels like to be spinning lots of plates, so much so that you’re unable to do things that would otherwise be straightforward. Sometimes you just need to reset. The same goes for your gut and digestive system.

Show your gut some love and support today, get in touch to discuss regular colonic treatment to give it the support it needs to do the job it was designed to do.