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Detox Package

Detox Package

Price: £355

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Detox Package

3 x colonics • 3 x Detoxifying Healing herbs tailored to individual needs

Healing Herbal infusions using any of the four – Gentle Healing Herbs, Anti-Parasite Herbs, Instant-Relief, and High-Strength probiotics. Our herbal formulae are of high quality and highly effective.

At Clarity Wellbeing, our bespoke herbal infusions are formulated to support your individual requirements. Based on the presenting conditions and colon’s response of each patient, our highly experienced practitioners will prepare individually tailored herbal mixtures to support you in the best way.

As part of your healing journey, Sarika may recommend you a parasite test or a gut microbiome review

As a holistic practice focusing primarily on digestive health, Clarity Wellbeing recommends Symprove. As Sarika’s client or guest, you can take advantage of the introductory 50% discount for the first three months’ supply

Contact us for more information. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will incur a £25 charge and 24 hours the full treatment fee.